What is Equality?

diksha rajoria
2 min readMay 20, 2023

So, we all are talking about it and have heard many opinions of people on it and we all have our own little perspective and dimension to it. So, on the same lines, I have observed that equality and respect can be earned in very materialistic ways in today’s world.

So for instance, when we talk of women’s equality or giving respect to women, equal to that of men, we have started scaling them on the bars of education, profession, etc. So, working women are the type of women for whose equality or respect we are fighting for! which is really sad because this is the perspective that most of us have learned from our modern “ education system”.

But, what is ironic is that this defies the whole idea of respect that we have always tried to achieve through education. This is really upsetting because this shows that we are failing in our education system. We are teaching people to respect a type of or ideal idea of women, rather than just respecting women irrespective of their profession or level of education. What is sad is that with the advancement of education and the success of women, we would come up with another ideal type and kind of female, whom we would respect and give equality to. Why is it the way it is? #respect #equality