Root cause of sex taboos in India

But inquisitive about what ? It’s about the sexual intercourse , about each others biological structures, they wish to explore and know more. But why? simply because they have never even experienced sitting with a girl till there teen age ( 16 to 17) and now when they get freedom finally, they have a stronger sexual drive.

On the other hand in coed schools, students have no such desires as they have studied with them , worked with them , have supported them and have a lot more respect for the opposite sexes.

“This is also quite natural as they have learnt about each others bodies under the same roof (sex education)”.

Hence, as a conclusion I implore to the government to put attention on this issue and try to obtain some more data on the same . All what I have mentioned is as per my understanding and thoughts . But I really want people to comment on what they feel about this .

At the end I will leave you with a suggestion question , “ Do you think that subjects like home science should be made compulsory for boys for few months ?



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