Do you feel left out with your friends?

diksha rajoria
2 min readJul 10, 2021
Do you also feel left out with your friends ?

Friendship is a beautiful word! A friend is someone whom you might even regard to as your next family, which make them a very important part of your lives. Friendship is considered to be the most loved relationship. Usually when people want to recall some good memories from relationships, for majority of them, friendship is the answer. But do all the friendships succeed? Is there warmth and peace in every friendship? Do you get the required support from every friendship?

Answer: No!

Just like every other relationship, friendships can turn sour.

Is it painful, when this happens?

Ans: Yes! it is, very painful

Unfortunately, some taste this sourness. This agony can arise due to different reasons. It can be a very bad fight, or jealousy etc. But the worst can be the feeling of being deceived by the one whom you considered your dearest friend, for someone, whom you considered less significant between you and her.

For instance, there is a group of three friends. You, and 2 others. You are like the connecting link between your two other friends. They became friends because you are a mutual friend to both of them. Now, the other 2 friends got involved in boys or now they had boy centric discussions. Basically, they came in relationships for experiencing the “fun”, used abusive language and gradually, they descended in a “bad” company of people. There topics of discussion were boys and the means of discussion was foul language. You felt as you are losing them. The more they changed, more distant you felt. You even tried becoming them but just could not sustain it for much longer and then you just, saw yourself losing them but could not do anything much to get them back.

Such detachments do not happen consciously. It does not require any declaration; it just happens and all who are involved, know about it. It feels deceived more than being sad or angry. It feels like you have been cheated or ditched by those whom you trusted the most.

In such situation, nobody is at fault. Its neither you nor them. Don’t feel sad or jealous. Just accept, that in this journey of growth, the 2 people whom you have known from years have now changed, which means you all are not alike anymore and you all have grown so different that you cannot be together anymore!