Do you feel that you are ugly !

Hey people! I know that many people think that they are ugly and hence try to avoid gatherings , don’t prefer laughing much as they want to , because they think that they will look gross and a lot like a witch , and guess what is the foremost concern of majority of people ? What , the people must be thinking about them is the prime concern. Many people feel unconfident as they think people must be comparing me to my other beautiful friends. You know all this undermines our confidence and restrain us from achieving a lot which we fairly can, which means we shouldn’t be much thinking about it. But wait , isn't it much difficult to do than said. You must be pondering that why I am even writing a blog on this not so informative or talked about topic . The prime cause is my own awful experience with body shaming and secondly I know zillion of people who suffer this on daily basis but are ashamed of discussing about it. I myself felt this while my school years, whenever I got my photos clicked and if I smiled I felt ashamed. I felt bad about my big front teethes and hence I always restrained myself from smiling with all my teethes showing . Second problem , how to pose ? If I just stand it looks very formal , otherwise I look like a lumping bag hovering here and there as I don't know how to pose . Many of you while reading this might feel this article is an utter shit because its so normal and nothing to be worried about. But please understand that these things refrain an individual from social acceptance and they feel excluded which is not at all good rather fatal. You never know that from how long this emotion is budding inside that person , if from a very long time then can even lead to serious depression . So kindly indulge yourself in some other more valuable activities than photo clicking and always feel confident about yourself, you are no less than anyone! I implore to all the youth to help there friends to regain their own selves again and fight back.